Cycles API

Unlock the opportunities hidden in your payment or credit network

Cycles makes your network more efficient by finding and removing cycles of debt. Bills get smaller, invoices get paid faster, and everyone in the network benefits.

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Maximize cash flow

The Cycles Network was designed and tuned to—quite literally—maximize cashflow.

Built for developers, by developers

Our RESTful API was built for developers from day one

They save. You earn

Earn a percentage of each debt cleared while still saving your customers money

Security first

Protect customers data with anonymized identifiers and end-to-end bank grade encryption

Use Cases


Power-Up Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable professionals want to transform their team from cost centers to revenue generators. Cycles API can empower them to do just that.


Supercharge Accounting Platforms

Accounting platforms are the heart of any company’s financial software suite. Cycles API can seamlessly integrate into that system and provide value while keeping a company’s general ledger up to date.


Enhance E-invoicing

As E-invoicing becomes a requirement in more jurisdictions around the world it is becoming increasingly difficult for e-invoicing platforms to differentiate themselves. Cycles API gives platforms an opportunity to change the conversation and offer something unique.

How It Works

Cycles API is a non-intrusive way to create value for customers by increasing their working capital.

Share Invoice Data

Send invoices and bills to Cycles through our API


Business as Usual

Let your customers do their thing - nothing needs to change in your flow. Just send updates (payments, cancellations, etc.) through the API.


Clearing Runs

At month end, we run clearing. All invoices and bills are mapped into a graph. Set off notices are issued when we find cycles in the graph.


Apply Set-Offs

For each set off notice, a companies AR and AP decreases (by equal amounts). It means less debt on their books, fewer invoices to collect on, and improved working capital.


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